What is Veg Tan Leather?

Veg Tan refers "Vegetable Tanned" - the type of process cow skin undergoes to be made into a workable leather hide. I primarily work with the highest quality Vegetable Tanned Cow Hides because the Veg ( Vegetable ) Tanning process uses barks and other organic material to tan the leather as opposed to other styles of tanning that use harsh chemicals ( Chrome or Oil Tanning). 

What if my item comes apart / tears / malfunctions from everyday use?

Just send an email and I’ll fix it up and send it back. I guarantee all my leather pieces, as long as the damage isn't due to lack of proper care. If for some reason it cannot be mended...I will make you another of the same style/material.

I need a size smaller or larger than the listed size...

No problem - just send me what measurements you'd like your item to be.

Cleaning & Care

I recommend dampening a washcloth with warm water and gently spot cleaning. Also, products by Otter Wax are great. For all black leather - I highly recommend using Otterwax's Leather Oil for the longevity of your item and to accelerate the process of the leather softening and forming to the body over time. You can also do this treatment with other leather colors, but the oil will typically alter the color permanently. Also, leather is a porous material, so it can never be 100% disinfected. 

Wholesale / Bulk Orders

Yes. If you are a store and would like to carry some of my stuff - send me an email. I like making items available for people to try on in person when possible :)


*all above FAQs also apply to Strap Ons, but below info is Strap On Specific*


I recommend dampening a washcloth with warm water and spot cleaning. Never immerse your leather in water or use harsh chemicals ( such as bleach ). If you want to disinfect your item ( leather products can never be 100% disinfected because it is a porous material), you can use a water/bleach solution. In any case, make sure to let wipe dry as much as possible and then hang to dry completely ( don’t store your item when it is still damp).

What size dildos fit in the harnesses?

As long as the base is larger than 2” in diameter you’re good to go - also lubing the toy before putting it into the harness goes a long way!

( please send an email with your order if you want a harness with a different size base ring )