Projects / collaborations

Always looking for new ways to make things with others, here are some past projects I have worked on.


"merica lee jeans x earth_trauma"

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photo - George Koelle

photo - George Koelle


"moon, fate, sin"


( November 2017 )

Moon Fate Sin is a book, a dance, and a tape.

In times of global crisis, we see a turn toward mysticism. New York based choreographer Gillian Walsh presents Moon Fate Sin, her latest work developed in collaboration with Emily Hoffman. The performance ponders the pursuit of dance as a suicidal tendency – where do the death drive and the transcendence drive meet in dance?

In Moon Fate Sin, conceived as “ A Liturgical Dance for St. Mark’s Church, a cosmological dance demonology.” Walsh and collaborators/performers Maggie CloudJustin HyacinthEmily Hoffman, and Mickey Mahar encounter the intangible and immaterial and reckon with embodied doom and escapism. With dancing that ranges from slow and sculptural to modernist formal abstraction, Walsh delves into early psychoanalytic theory, occultist beliefs and premonitions on the onset of world war.

Costumes by earth_trauma
Lighting by Carol Mullins


photo - ian douglas

photo - ian douglas

photo - andrea mohin / new york times

photo - andrea mohin / new york times


"Flora & fauna"

( May 2015 )

created in collaboration with Mavi Phillips - Orgone Productions.

A lookbook of earth_trauma wares and an homage to claude cahun.

styled by earth_trauma

hair by Kimberly Wyma

film,photography, & lighting by Mavi Phillips